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Nature Island Destinations Ltd.
is based in and dedicated to the
Commonwealth of DOMINICA,
one of the Windward Isles of the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean.

We provide a FREE booking service for a wide choice of personally inspected hotels, guest
houses, cottages, private villas and apartments island-wide and to suit every pocket.
Many private villas, cottages and apartment rentals are exclusive to this service.

last updated: August 2016
where to stay in DOMINICA

Note:-   Those who book their accommodation in Dominica through the free service of Nature Island Destinations may also request other supplements to be found on this website, e.g. the pre booking of vehicle rental from a selection of our most competitive suppliers, along with a hand picked selection of activities such as Bird & Botany tours, national park hiking guides, whalewatch or snorkelling boat excursions, scuba diving etc.
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whale + dolphin safaries, scuba diving centres
Dominica's UNEP World Heritage Site
Tree tops experience
Dominica's Boiling Lake at 2,500ft
listed below
accommodation listing in alphabetical order

Anchorage Hotel (+ Dive Centre)
Anse-A-Liane Lodge
Angie's Hideaway
Banana Lama riverside cottage
Blenheim Estate
Calibishie Lodges
Caribbean Sea View Apartments
Castille Paradise
Castle Comfort Lodge
(Dive Dominica)
Cherry Orchard Apartment
Coffee River Cottage
Comfort House
Cocoa Cottage
Des Champ
Croton Cottage
Deaux La Mers
Emerald Cottage
Eve Green
Evergreen Hotel
Fallsview Guesthouse
Floral Gardens
Fort Young Hotel
Gallion on Sea
Garraway Hotel
Ginger Lily
Gite Dominique
Harmony Villa
Herche's Place
Valley Inn
Hummingbird Inn
Hodges View Cottage
Itassi Cottages
Jungle Bay
country villa

La Tye Cottage
Lauro Club
Layou River Hotel
Layou Valley Inn
Louis Villa
private apartment
Martin's Suite
Morning Bird Apartments
Louis Villa
Pete's Casa
Morne Daniel

luxury villa

with pool
Ocean View
Petini Layou
Petit Coulibri
Picard Beach Cottages

Pointe Baptiste
Pointsettier Hotel
Rainbow Village
Rainforest Cottages
Rainforest Shangri-La Resort
Red Rock Haven
 Reigate Hall
Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge
Roseau Valley Hotel
 Roxy's Mountain Lodge
Saint James' Guesthouse
Sisserou Lodge
Sister's Sea Lodge
Springdale Apartments
Springfield Plantation Guesthouse
Sunrise Gardens
Sunset Bay Club
Hotel+Dive Centre

Sutton Place Hotel
Symesze Guesthouse
Symeszee Villas
Tranquile Villa
Vena's Paradise
Villa Oceane
 Villa Verde
Windblow Estate
Windsor Villa

Windswept Guesthouse
3 Rivers Eco Lodge


Below are some examples of accommodation detailed on the pages of this 
website and which may be booked through Nature Island Destinations

Fort Young is Dominica's premier hotel, within the walls of the original fort built in 1770 and located on the waterfront in the Capital, Roseau. 73 air conditioned rooms, swimming pool, jacuzzis, 2 restaurants, duty free shops, 130 person conference hall, meeting rooms, business centre, gym, health & beauty centre. 
click image for details + rates
Angie's Hideaway (added July 2012) is a private rental with TV
and WiFi in the south west, handy for 3 scuba dive centres
From US$80.00 per night for 2 persons.
click image for details + rates

Casablanca has proved a popular choice among those seeking a quiet and secluded location, yet an easy walk from both river and beach. It is a self contained 3 bedroomed ocean-front villa with WiFi conveniently located on the mid west coast with nearby dive centre.
Attractively priced from just US$75.00 per night for 2 adults
Casablanca, private oceanfront villa, Dominica's popular mid west coast
A private luxury villa with swimming pool is hard to find in Dominica. 
This one is located in a quiet, residential neighbourhood less than 10 minutes drive from our tiny capital, Roseau. Attractively priced from US$160 per night for 2 adults
4 bedroomed luxury villa, SW Dominica 

A private 2 bedroomed self contained apartment, Trafalgar, near the head of the lush Roseau Valley, with sea view and just a short walk to the twin Trafalgar Falls and hot water mineral spas of Wotton Waven.
Modestly priced from just US$50 per night.
 affordable 2 bedroomed lodgings in the Roseau Valley

Latest Additions to our listings
APRIL 2015

A private self contained 1 bedroom apartment from just US$50  per night, near toDominica's southern Marine National Park - a submerged volcano, great for snorkelling and scuba. 
Garvin's Apartment

MAY 2015


A private self contained 1 bedroom eco cottage in tranquil riverside location for just US$120 per night, approx 2 miles upstream from Rosalie Bay where turtles nest on Dominica's mid east coast.

Nature Island Destinations Ltd. has a great selection of private rentals
(villas and apartments) which are very affordable, especially for families or
groups of friends who
may otherwise have to book several hotel rooms
at greater expense. Many of these are exclusive to this service.
From our private rentals page, click on the 'more information' button which
will, for most of these, bring up an individual page displaying description, rates,
photographs and an advance bookings calendar, so you can see at a
glance if the period required is available.
examples of private, furnished accommodation available for short term holiday rental
-Coffee River Cottages, NE Dominica - from US$100 per night for 2 persons--North East - Sunrise Gardens, Calibishie, from US$80 per night--La Tye Cottage, Woodford Hill, near Calibishie, NE Dominica - from US$60.00 per night--North West - 2 bed cottage with sea view - available again from 1st June 2015--Salisbury, mid west coast, 2 bed apartment from US$60.00 per night-
-3 bedroomed villa from US$65 per night--mid west coast, 3 bed oceanfront villa near dive centre from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 3 bed apartment from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 2 bed accommodation for max 5 persons 65 per night--1 + 2 bed apartments, mid west coast, from US$80 per night-
-cottage annex on private estate, mid west coast - US$70 per night--Tranquility in style - in the cool, forested mountains.--South West - 4 bed villa from US$160 per night--South West 4 bed villa from US$160 per night--Martin's Suite, Morne Daniel US$105.00 per night-
-Springdale Apartments, Morne Daniel from US$80.00 per night--3 bed apartment near Roseau from US$80.00 per night--3 bed villa, Canefield East, from US$70 per night--2 bed apartment, Roseau Valley, from US$50 per night--Roseau Valley 2 bed cottage bordering stream US$150.00 per night-
-1 bed country eco cottage only US$120 per night--East Coast Region - 2 bed cottage from US$60 per night--Leopold Apartment, Wallhouse from US$60 per nigh--Angie's Hideaway near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica, from US$80.00 per night--South West, 2 bed villa near 3 dive centres from US$70.00 per night-
-Soufriere Bay - waterfront cottage - from US$60 per night--Garvin's Apartment - 1 bed apartment, Scotts Head, US$50 single, US$60 double--Scotts Head - 1 bed apartment from US$50 per night--Scotts Head - bedsit US$55, 2 bed apartment US$80 per night--2 bed apartment, Scotts Head, from US$70.00 per night-
most of the above offer attractive discounts for extended stays. Click on image for rates, details
private villas and apartments
Private, self contained, self catering accommodation is also listed separately on the above page and most of these venues also have their own dedicated page with description, rates, advance bookings calendar and a selection of photos. At the foot of each is the above pane of icons allowing you to navigate easily between them.  
, .

All accommodation rates quoted by Nature Island Destinations are in US$ 
and include 10% VAT if applicable and any service charge (typically 10%).

We accept payment by Mastercard and Visa credit cards

Due to difficulties experienced with American Exress in Dominica, we
have suspended use of this facility until merchant conditions improve
not American Express

Our service incurs no additional cost to you the visitor, and as our client you will benefit in many ways... assistance in securing competitively priced vehicle hire, arranging sightseeing tours, scuba diving, whale-watch excursions, qualified hiking guides from a hand picked selection of the best available, weekend nature outings with experienced Foresters etc. and from our general knowledge of the island. As we have no vested interest in any of the resorts we represent, our descriptions are unbiased and objective. On your arrival in Dominica, as a part of our personal service we provide you with a Welcome Pack of maps, forestry fact sheets and other useful information to equip you for your vacation. Should the quality or service encountered at the accommodation we place you in be found to be inferior in any way, then we will use our best endeavours to relocate you elsewhere. 

The hotels, guesthouses and cottage resorts we represent are listed down the left of this page in alphabetical order. In order to provide a brief description and rates for each, the pages on which they are displayed are divided into eight geographical regions: - 
around Roseau
Roseau Valley & Laudat
mid to north
West Coast
north facing
North East Coast
East Coast

If you find our information helpful in selecting your choice of accommodation, we hope you will utilise our on-line booking service to secure it, rather than booking through a travel agent or booking direct, for it is only by our serving you that the future of this valuable service will be guaranteed. See our guest book page, where our visitors to Dominica may, on their return, share their experiences and comment on the service they have enjoyed whilst in Dominica, as clients of  Nature Island Destinations Ltd.

Getting to Dominica
Dominica has two airports - neither of these are international airports. The largest, which will accommodate medium sized aircraft, is Melville Hall Airport, located on the north east coast. From here, the taxi drive across the island to Roseau takes about 80 minutes. Canefield Airport is on the south west coast, close to the Capital, Roseau. Visitors from the USA usually arrive at Melville Hall Airport on either an Air Liat or Seaborne flight from PuertoRico. However, direct flights can be to any of the neighbouring islands, the nearest in order of closeness are, to the north - Guadeloupe, Moserrat, Antigua, St Maarten, and to the south Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada. Connecting flights may be on any one of the several available inter-island carriers. There is also an inter-island ferry service linking Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique and Saint Lucia. Follow this link for further information on Getting to Dominica.

Sisserou Parrot - unique to Dominica
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Commonwealth of Dominica,
West Indies
Jacquot Parrot - unique to Dominica

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Casablanca Dominica - an affordable private oceanfront villa, mid west coast
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time to stop trashing our planet!

Human +/- Nature - a 30 minute documentary by Michael Lees
A 30 minute documentary by Michael Lees contrasting
life in Dominica with life in North America, asking if we can live
our lives in harmony with and in appreciation of nature rather than
by simply exploiting it.

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