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            Morne Daniel, quiet upmarket hillside suburb on the south side of Canefield, south west coast, less than 10 minutes drive into the capital, Roseau

Brief Description:   A private villa set in a well tended garden of trees and flowering shrubs in a quiet location with limited sea view. Double car port. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. A/C in three bedrooms. adsl internet. Open plan Kitchen/ Dining area opens onto generous rear terrace. Lounge has TV and opens onto front terrace. Master bedroom has king size bed, private balcony and en-suite bathroom, bedrooms 2 & 3 have queen size bed, bedroom 4 has standard double bed. All on one level, so suitable for elderly or physically handicapped persons. A convenient location for the banks, shops and restaurants of Roseau and for the natural attractions of our World Heritage Site - the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, accessed via the Roseau Valley or the nearby village of Cochrane. Donkey Beach, a bank and a supermarket at Canefield are just a 5 minutes drive.  
Vehicle hire is recommended. 
March 2009 update:     bathrooms upgraded + swimming pool, rear deck 
 outdoor change room added.
October 2016 update:   kitchen upgraded
December 2019 update: pool surround re-tiled and covered pool deck added - new pictures added
read the following visitor review of this venue on our Guestbook page:
John & Gail, Janis & Chuck (April 2010)
Alan & Indira, family of 4

Rates (US$): including of tax and service 
              per day (minimum stay 5 days) 
              For 1 or 2 persons             $160.00 
              each extra person (max 5)       $20.00 
              NO SMOKING INDOORS
There is no restriction on accepting children, though the owners and management take no responsibility for swimming pool related accidents or death resulting from lack of supervision.
The extra person rate applies to both adults and children. 
Discounts for extended stay 
              In excess of 1 month    15%

  to book Tranquile Villa or for further information contat this email address    contact to book

March 2021 UPDATE - Please note that in mid March 2019 this facility was closed whilst the outbuilding was repaired and upgraded to include a raised deck with roof containing bar and furniture, overlooking the pool and with enhanced view of coastline. The pool surround has also been re-tiled (new pictures added). This work was completed in early December 2019.

Advance bookings calendar      last updated - 3rd December 2023

Ar - arrival date,  D = departure date                                                                          

                                      this year  2023
2023    2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
    Ar  D
 a  n
 4  D  
    Ar  L
l i
D           Ar    T  o
Feb  m  4  
      Ar  S  y
lv i e

Mar         Ar  J  a  n  e  t  4 D        
Ar  L
 a rr
 2 D  
Apr               Ar  N   i  k i t  4 D  
        Ar  S  c
 o t t  2 D      
May                     Ar        E   r  i  c  a    7       D            
Jun   Ar  L  e  s  l  i  e   4 D                                      
            Ar        R  u  t  h    7          
Aug     D       Ar  A do
 5 D      
Ar  C  a  r  o  l    6  
Ar   M  a  r  y    2   D    
Oct Ar                    R  o  s  a  l  i  n  d
                Ar     D                        
Ar  A rn  a  u  d  4 D   Ar  C  y  n  t  h  i  a    4  
D   Ar  K ar

                                                    next year 2024
2024    2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Jan en
 4 D        
  Ar    M  a  r
 k  +  C
Feb  u  r  t
 2 D     Ar  L
 i  n

Mar  P  a  t
r i  c
i a
   2  D   Ar  
 L  e  e  
Ar M
ar  k  u  s  2 D  
Jun                             Ar  C a t
h l ee  5 D                


new pictures below added - December 2019
pool surround retiled

new raised pool deck added

new pool deck

pool deck bar

sea view from pool deck

view north from pool deck

pool from deck 

contact us   <to book Tranquile Villa or for further information contat this email address> contact to book

We accept payment by Mastercard and Visa credit cards
Due to difficulties experienced with American Exress in Dominica, we
have suspended use of this facility until merchant conditions improve
not American Express

Where to stay in Dominica - island-wide accommodation
around Roseau
Roseau Valley & Laudat
mid to north
West Coast
north facing 
North East Coast
East Coast
private villas and apartments

more examples of private, furnished accommodation available for short term holiday rental
-Coffee River Cottages, NE Dominica - US$100 per night for 2 persons--Hodges View Cottage, currently unavailable--North East - Sunrise Gardens, Calibishie, from US$80 per night--La Tye Cottage, Woodford Hill, near Calibishie, NE Dominica - from US$60.00 per night--North West - 2 bed cottage with sea view - available again from 1st June 2015-
-Salisbury, mid west coast, 2 bed apartment from US$60.00 per night--3 bedroomed villa from US$65 per night--mid west coast, 3 bed oceanfront villa near dive centre from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 3 bed apartment from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 2 bed accommodation for max 5 persons 65 per night-
1 + 2 bed apartments, mid west coast, from US$80 per night--cottage annex on private estate, mid west coast - US$70 per night--Tranquility in style - in the cool, forested mountains.--South West - 4 bed villa from US$160 per night--South West 4 bed villa from US$160 per night-
Martin's Suite, Morne Daniel US$105.00 per night--Springdale Apartments, Morne Daniel from US$80.00 per night--3 bed villa, Canefield East, from US$70 per night--2 bed apartment, Roseau Valley, from US$50 per night--1 bed country eco cottage only US$120 per night-
East Coast Region - 2 bed cottage from US$60 per night--Sisserou Lodge - in the hills behind Roseau US$175 per night--Comfort House, near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica - from US$85 per night--Angie's Hideaway near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica, from US$80.00 per night--South West, 2 bed villa near 3 dive centres from US$70.00 per night-
Soufriere Bay - waterfront cottage - from US$60 per night--Garvin's Apartment - 1 bed apartment, Scotts Head, US$50 single, US$60 double--Scotts Head - 1 bed apartment from US$50 per night--Scotts Head - bedsit US$55, 2 bed apartment US$80 per night--2 bed apartment, Scotts Head, from US$70.00 per night-
most of the above offer attractive discounts for extended stays. Click on image for rates, details

Human +/- Nature - a 30 minute documentary by Michael Lees
A 30 minute  documentary by Michael Lees contrasting 
life in Dominica with life in North America, asking if we can live 
our lives in harmony with and in appreciation of nature rather than 
by simply exploiting it.

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Sisserou Parrot - unique to Dominica
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Jacquot Parrot - unique to Dominica

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