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introduced in July 2012
WALLHOUSE (coastal suburb south of Roseau)

     Angie's Hideaway
.Near to 3 dive centres, closest - Al Dive

more pictures below

Location:          WALLHOUSE is a coastal southern suburb of Roseau, next door to Castle Comfort.
Brief Description: Newly completed downstairs self contained fully furnished and equipped holiday apartment. The floor above is the owner's residence. Open plan living/ dining/ kitchen are divided only by kitchen bar/ cupboard unit. Cable TV in lounge. Two bedrooms, one with a queen size bed, the other with a queen size and a double bed. Central bathroom with hot water shower. Insect screens to opening windows and several stand fans. Lounge opens onto covered balcony with bench seats with small shaded garden in front and Caribbean Sea view beyond. Parking space for your vehicle rental. Only 5 minutes drive from Roseau. Near to dive centres, Al Dive & Dive Dominica, which also offers afternoon whale-watch boat excursions. The Anchorage Hotel and Dive Centre was badly damaged during Hurricane Maria in 2017 and has not yet been repaired.
2020 update: The house above Angie's Apartment also lost its roof during the hurricane but has now been fully repaired. The apartment will once again be available for visitor accommodation from 1st March 2020.
adsl internet available for those with laptop pc
Rates (US$):
-----fully inclusive

The extra person rate applies to both adults and children.
Cottage per night (minimum stay 5 days)
                  for   1 or 2 persons        $80.00
                        3 persons             $95.00
                        4 persons            $110.00
                        5 persons            $125.00
                        10% discount for stay of 14 days or longer

                        15% discount for stay in excess of 2 months

contact us < Click here to book Angie's Hideaway

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Angie's Hideaway, Wallhouse, SW Dominica

Angie's Hideaway from garden

Angie's Hideaway balcony

Angie's Hideaway from balcony

Angie's Hideaway sea view

Angie's Hideaway lounge/ dining

Angie's Hideaway kitchen

Angie's Hideaway lounge + kitchen

Angie's Hideaway bedroom 1

Angie's Hideaway bedroom 2

Angie's Hideaway bathroom

contact us < Click here to book Angie's Hideaway

We accept payment by Mastercard and Visa credit cards
Due to difficulties experienced with American Express in Dominica, we
have suspended use of this facility until merchant conditions improve
not American Express

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-Salisbury, mid west coast, 2 bed apartment from US$60.00 per night--3 bedroomed villa from US$65 per night--mid west coast, 3 bed oceanfront villa near dive centre from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 3 bed apartment from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 2 bed accommodation for max 5 persons 65 per night-
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East Coast Region - 2 bed cottage from US$60 per night--Sisserou Lodge - in the hills behind Roseau US$175 per night--Comfort House, near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica - from US$85 per night--Angie's Hideaway near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica, from US$80.00 per night--South West, 2 bed villa near 3 dive centres from US$70.00 per night-
Soufriere Bay - waterfront cottage - from US$60 per night--Garvin's Apartment - 1 bed apartment, Scotts Head, US$50 single, US$60 double--Scotts Head - 1 bed apartment from US$50 per night--Scotts Head - bedsit US$55, 2 bed apartment US$80 per night--2 bed apartment, Scotts Head, from US$70.00 per night-
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Sisserou Parrot - unique to Dominica
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Jacquot Parrot - unique to Dominica

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