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Syndicate Falls


mangrove cuckoo

ground dove

lesser Antillean

brown trembler

pelicans at dusk

zenaida dove

tropical mockingbird

lesser antillean flycatcher


little blue heron

red legged thrush

antillean crested

purple throated hummingbird

blue haeded hummingbird

rufous throated


young sisserou parrot

bare eyed robin

smooth-billed ani

green-backed heron


streaked saltator

grey kingbird

Birdwatching in Dominica

May 2012 update
new residents

Bird-watch field trips with Dominica's 
foremost authority

The number of known bird species to be seen in Dominica during the various seasons of the year totals 176, including 4 types of native humming bird. Whether it is the Blue-hooded Euphonia, Mountain Whistler, Broadwinged Hawk or our two unique parrot species you wish to see, Bertrand knows just where to find them and, once located, his tripod mounted telescope will allow you to observe them closely. Your tour could be conducted in a great many choices of prime locations throughout the island, though the favourite spot, where both the Sisserou & Jacquot parrots (unique to  Dominica) are most commonly sighted, is the Syndicate Forest area on the western slopes of the Morne Diablotin National Park.


Nearby Syndicate Falls (known locally as Milton Falls) is on the Dublanc River, just a short hike and the perfect picnic spot where you can enjoy a traditionally prepared picnic lunch. You are unlikely to find this spot without a guide, as the access to it is not signposted or near to the Syndicate Forest trail.

An all day tour could also include a row boat ride up the tranquil Indian River where you will be unlucky not to spot the giant Ringed Kingfisher and where you may take refreshments at a forest 'bush bar' before returning. It could also include a visit to Cabrits National Park - a peninsular which has well maintained nature trails to hilltop view points and the ruins of Fort Shirley which are currently being restored under the warchful eye of Dominican historian Lennox Honychurch. Even if you you are only a novice bird watcher, this tour is a must. Due to Bertand's occupation as a Forester, tours are conducted at weekends only or during public holidays. 

Indian River    

Note:-   you may book a bird tour by contacting Dr. Birdy direct.

We can also arrange weekend tours with a forester who is Dominica's leading authority on botany.

Read the experiences of some of our clients who have already taken advantage of this excellent opportunity to engage the services of Dominica's bird expert and Forester to take them out on a birdwatch field trip to Syndicate Forest, Milton Falls and, time permitting, the Indian River and Cabrits National Park, in our Nature Island Destinations Guest Book. click on
                                    image to read Guestbook

Illustrations below:
Sisserou (Imperial) Parrot             Jacquot (Red-necked) Parrot

Sisserou Parrot - unique to DominicaaaaJacquot Parrot - unique to Dominica

forester, tour guide & local bird expert,
Bertrand  (Dr. Birdy),   pictured below.

If you book your accommodation in Dominica through Nature Island 
Destinationsm, contact us to arrange your birdwatch field trip

May 2012 update - new residents
In the garden of our home on the mid west coast, where we have resided since 1997, two new species have been noted in recent months who's range previously did not extend to Dominica. Both have now been permanently resident in our area since late 2011.
1. The Bare Eyed Robin (Turdus nudigenis), also known as the Spectacled Thrush, easily recognised by the bright whitish yellow rings around it's eyes is not often sighted but is heard frequently, distinctive by it's unusual call which resembles a meowing cat.
2. The Red Legged Thrush (Turdus Plumbeous), is distinctive not only by it's bright red legs but also by it's equally bright red beak and rings around the eyes. Often spotted quietly hopping around lawned areas in search of worms and insects.

   2 new residents in Dominica - Bare Eyed Robin and Red Legged Thrush

Bird Books available

Cover  Title Author Publisher
 A Guide to Birdwatching
 No. 3 in the series - 
 Dominica  Nature Island 
 of the Caribbean
 (available locally)
Peter Evans &
Arlington James
Ecosystems Ltd.
                                  now from Amazon
 Birds of the 
 Eastern Caribbean 
 (available locally)
Peter Evans M Caribbean
                                  now from Amazon

 A Guide to the 
 Birds of the West Indies
Herbert Raffaele, James Wiley, Orlando Garrido,
Allan Keith & 
Janis Raffael
Christopher Helm - 
A&C Black Ltd. U.K.
Princeton University 
Press,  N.J.  U.S.A.
order now from Amazon  
 Birds of the West Indies
James Bond Collins
order now
                                  from Amazon  Birders West Indies
Roland H. Wauer, 
Mimi Hoppe Wolf (Illustrator)
University of Texas Press
order now from Amazon  A Photographic Guide to 
 Birds of the West Indies
G. Michael Flieg,
Allan Sander
New Holland 
Publishers (UK)
 Dominica's Birds 
  describes birds normally 
resident in Dominica
 (available locally)
 Written by 
 Dominican Foresters
Arlington James,
Stephen Durand,
Bertrand Jno Baptiste
 Made available in 2006
Produced by the Forestry,
Wildlife & Parks Division 
of Dominica.
Note: Nature Island Destinations has a limited number of copies of Dominica's Birds             
signed by Dr. Birdy, available for sale @ US$22.00 + US$12.00 postage & handling.
contact us if you wish to purchase one.
Also available is an attractive coffee table book on Dominica
displaying some wonderful photography by Cecil Clarke
Dominica picture book
US$25.00 + US$8.00 postage & handling.

We accept payment by Mastercard and Visa credit cards
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definitive postage stamps  2001 - 2006

           Ringed Kingfisher 

Checklist of birds recorded in Dominica

Common Name Scientific Name Local Name
(if applicable)

1 Black-capped Petrel
2 Leach's Storm-Petrel
3 Wilson's Storm-Petrel
4  Audubon's Shearwater
5 Cory's Shearwater
6 Greater Shearwater
7 White-tailed Tropicbird
8 Red-billed Tropicbird
9 Magnificent Frigatebird
10 Blue-faced (Masked) Booby
11 Brown Booby 
12 Red-footed Booby 
13 Pomarine Skua
14 Arctic Skua 
15 Sabine's Gull
16.  Laughing Gull
17 Ring-billed Gull
18 Herring Gull
19 Gull-billed Tern
20 Caspian Tern
21 Royal Tern
22 Sandwich Tern
23 Roseate Tern
24 Common Tern
25 Least Tern
26 Bridled Tern
27 Sooty Tern
28 Black Tern
29 Brown Noddy
Pterodroma hasitata
Oceanodroma leucorhoa
Oceanites oceanicus
Puffinus lherminiera
Puffinus diomedia
Puffinus gravis
Phaethon lepturus
Phaethon aethereus
Fregata magnificens
Sula dactylatra
Sula leucogaster
Sula sula
Stercorarius pomarinus
Stercorarius parasiticus
Larus sabini
Larus atricilla
Larus delawarensis
Larus argentatus
Sterna nilotica
Sterna caspia
Sterna maxima
Sterna sandvicensis
Sterna dougalli
Sterna hirundo
Sterna antillarum
Sterna anaethetus
Sterna fuscata
Childonias niger
Anous tenuirostris
fregat or sizo

30 Brown Pelican
31 Olivaceous Cormorant
32 Least Grebe
33 Pied-billed Grebe
34 Least Bittern
35 Green-backed Heron
36 Great Blue Heron
37 Little Blue Heron
38 Tricoloured Heron
39 Reddish Egret 
40 Snowy Egret
41 Great Egret
42 Cattle Egret
43 Black-crowned Night Heron
44 Yellow-crowned 
     Night Heron
45 American Wood Ibis
46 Glossy Ibis
47 Scarlet Ibis
48 White Ibis
49 Fulvous Whistling Duck
50 West Indian Whistling Duck
51 Black-ballied 
     Whistling Duck
52 Green-winged Teal
53 Blue-winged Teal
54 Northern Shoveller
55 American Wigeon
56 Lesser Scaup
57 Masked Duck
58 Sora
59 Purple Gallinule
60 Common Moorhen
61 Caribbean Coot
176 Jan 2007American Coot
62 Black-necked Stilt
63 Greater Yellowlegs
64 Lesser Yellowlegs
65 Willet
66 Whimbrel
67 Hudsonian Godwit
68 Ruddy Turnstone
69 Red Knot
70 Solitary Sandpiper 
71 Upland Sandpiper
72 Sanderling
73 Semipalmated Sandpiper
74 Western Sandpiper
75 Least Sandpiper
76 White-rumped Sandpiper
77 Baird's Sandpiper
78 Pectoral Sandpiper
79 Dunlin
80 Curlew Sandpiper
81 Stilt Sandpiper
82 Short-billed Dowitcher
83 Common Snipe
84 Black-bellied (Grey) Plover
85 Lesser Golden Plover
86 Semipalmated Plover
87 Killdeer
Pelicanus occidentalis
Phalacrocorax olivaceus
Podiceps dominicus
Podilymbus podiceps
Ixobrychus exilis
Butorides striatus
Ardea Herodias
Egretta caerulea
Egretta tricolor
Egretta rufescens
Egretta thula
Casmerodius alba
Bubulcus ibis
Nyticorax nyticorax
Nyticorax violaceous
Mycteria americana
Plegadis falcinellus
Eudocimus ruber
Eudocimus albus
Dendrocygna bicolor
Dendrocygna arborea
Dendrocygna autumnalis
Anas crecca
Anas discors
Anas Clypeata
Anas americana
Aythya affinis
Nomonyx dominica
Porzana carolina
Porphyrula martinica
Gallinula chloropus
Fulica caribaea
Fulica americana
Himantopus mexicanus
Tringa melanoleuca
Tringa flavipes
Numenicus phaeopus
Limosa haemastica
Arenaria interpres
Calidris canutus
Actitis macularia
Bartramia longicauda
Calidris alba
Calidris pusilla
Calidris mauri
Calidris minutilla
Calidris fuscicollis
Calidris bairdii
Calidris melanotus
Calidris alpina
Calidris ferruginea
Calidris himantopus
Limnodromus griseus
Gallinago gallinago
Pluvialis squatarola
Pluvialis dominica
Charadrius simipalmatus
Charadrius vociferus
kwabye nwe
kwabye nwe
k-wabye blan
kwabye blanc
kwabye gad-bef
kwabye jenga
kanna sovaj
poul dlo a 
    kache wouj


88 Ringed Kingfisher
89 Belted Kingfisher

Ceryle torquata
Ceryle alcyon

90 Osprey
91 Broad-winged Hawk
92 Northern Harrier 
     (Marsh Hawk)
93 American Kestrel
94 Merlin
95 Peregrine Falcon
96 Barn Owl

Pandion haliaetus
Buteo platypterus
Circus cyaneus
Falco sparverius
Falco colombarius
Falco peregrinus
Tyto alba
malfini savann
gli-gli moutayn

Common Name Scientific Name Local Name
(if applicable)

97 Feral Pigeon 
     (Rock Dove)
98 Red-necked Pigeon
99 White-crowned Pigeon
100 Collared Dove
101 Zenaida Dove
102 Common Ground Dove
103 Bridled Quail Dove
104 Ruddy Quail Dove
105 Ringed Turtle Dove
Colomba livia
Colomba squamosa
Colomba leucocephala
Streptopelia decaocto
Zenaida aurita
Colombina passerina
Geotrygon mystacea
Geotrygon montana
Streptopelia nisonia
106 Caribbean Parakeet
107 Jacquot (Red-necked)
108. Imperial Parrot
Arantinga pertinax
Amazona arausiaca
Amazona imperialis
109 Caribbean Elaenia
110 Lesser Antillean Pewee
111 Lesser Antillean 
112 Stolid Flycatcher
113 Grey Kingbird
114 Eastern Kingbird
Elaenia martinicus
Contopus latirostris
Myiarchus oberi
Myiarchus stolidus
Tyrannus dominicensis
Tyrannus tyrannus
gob-mouch huppe
pipirit gwo-tet
pipwe or pipirit
115 Purple-throated Carib
116 Green-throated Carib
117 Antillean Crested
118 Blue-headed 
Eulampis jugularis
Sericotes holosericeus
Orythorhyncus cristatus
Cyanophaia bicolor
koulibri made
   or  fal wouj
koulibri vert
119 Yellow-billed Cuckoo
120 Mangrove Cuckoo
121 Black-billed Cuckoo
122 Smooth-billed Ani
Coccyzus americanus
Coccyzus minor
Crotophaga ani
koukou manyok
123 Black Swift
124 Lesser Antillean Swift
125 Caribbean Martin
126 Sand Martin
127 Cliff Swallow
128 Barn Swallow
Cypseloides niger
Chaetura martinica
Progne dominicensis
Riparia riparia
Hirundo pyrrhonota
Hirundo rustica
zyozyo lapli
129 Common Nighthawk
130 White-tailed Nightjar 

131 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
132 House Wren
133 Rufous-throated Solitaire
134 Bare-eyed Thrush
135 Red-legged Thrush
136 Forest Trush
137 Tropical Mockingbird
138 Scay-breasted Thrasher
139 Pearly-eyed Thrasher
140 Trembler
141 Cedar Waxwing
142 Yellow-throated Vireo
143 Black-whiskered Vireo
144 Northern Parula Warbler
145 Yellow Warbler
146 Chestnut-sided Warbler
147 Magnolia Warbler
148 Cape May Warbler
149 Black-throated Blue
150 Black-throated Green 
151 Yellow-rumped Warbler
152 Blackburnian Warbler
153 Blackpoll Warbler
154 Palm Warbler
155 Plumbeous Warbler
156 Black-and-white Warbler
157 American Redstart
158 Prothonotary Warbler
159 Ovenbird
160 Northern Waterthrush
161 Louisiana Waterthrush
162 Kentucky Warbler
163 Common Yellowthroat
164 Hooded Warbler
165 Bananaquit

Chordeiles minor
Sphyrapicus varius
Troglodytes aedon
Myadestes genibarbis
Turdus nudigenis
Turdus plumbeous
Cichlerminia lherminieri
Mimus gilvus
Margarops fuscus
Margarops fuscatus
Cinclocerthia rufcauda
Bombycilla cedrorum 
Vireo flavifrons
Vireo altiloquus
Parula americanus
Dendroica petechia
Dendroica pensylvanica
Dendroica magnolia
Dendroica tigrina
Dendroica caerulescens
Dendroica virens
Dendroica coronata
Dendroica fusca
Dendroica stratia
Dendroica palmarum
Dendroica plumbea
Mniotilta varia
Setophaga ruticilla
Protonotaria citrea
Seiurus aurocapillus
Seiurus noveboracensis
Seiurus motacilla
Oporornis formoscus
Geothlypis tricas
Wilsonia ctrina
Coereba flaveola
sifle moutayn
(mountain whistler)
piwot vantard
pye jon
gwive blan
grosse gwiv
titin nwel
papya or chik-chik
petite de feu
166 Blue-hooded Euphonia
Euphonia musica

167 Scarlet Tanager Piranga olivacea
168 Streaked Saltator Saltator albicollis gwo-bek
169 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Pheucticus ludovicianus
170 Indigo Bunting Passerina cyanea
171 Black-faced Grassquit Tiaris bicolor sisi-zeb
172 Lesser Antillean Bullfinch Loxigilla noctis
pennwe (male)
   mweson (female)
173 Bobolink Dolichonyx oryzivorus
174 Carib Grackle Quiscalus lugubris
175 Troupial Icterus icterus

The best birds and other wildlife in the world, and the best places to see them

time to stop trashing our planet!

Where to stay in Dominica - island-wide accommodation

around Roseau
Roseau Valley & Laudat
mid to north
West Coast
north facing 
North East Coast
East Coast
private villas and apartments
examples of private, furnished accommodation available for short term holiday rental
-Coffee River Cottages, NE Dominica - US$100 per night for 2 persons--Hodges View Cottage, currently unavailable--North East - Sunrise Gardens, Calibishie, from US$80 per night--La Tye Cottage, Woodford Hill, near Calibishie, NE Dominica - from US$60.00 per night--North West - 2 bed cottage with sea view - available again from 1st June 2015-
-Salisbury, mid west coast, 2 bed apartment from US$60.00 per night--3 bedroomed villa from US$65 per night--mid west coast, 3 bed oceanfront villa near dive centre from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 3 bed apartment from US$75 per night--Mero, mid west coast 2 bed accommodation for max 5 persons 65 per night-
-1 + 2 bed apartments, mid west coast, from US$80 per night--cottage annex on private estate, mid west coast - US$70 per night--Tranquility in style - in the cool, forested mountains.--South West - 4 bed villa from US$160 per night--South West 4 bed villa from US$160 per night-
-Martin's Suite, Morne Daniel US$105.00 per night--Springdale Apartments, Morne Daniel from US$80.00 per night--3 bed villa, Canefield East, from US$70 per night--2 bed apartment, Roseau Valley, from US$50 per night--1 bed country eco cottage only US$120 per night-
-East Coast Region - 2 bed cottage from US$60 per night--Sisserou Lodge - in the hills behind Roseau US$175 per night--Comfort House, near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica - from US$85 per night--Angie's Hideaway near 3 dive centres, SW Dominica, from US$80.00 per night--South West, 2 bed villa near 3 dive centres from US$70.00 per night-
-Soufriere Bay - waterfront cottage - from US$60 per night--Garvin's Apartment - 1 bed apartment, Scotts Head, US$50 single, US$60 double--Scotts Head - 1 bed apartment from US$50 per night--Scotts Head - bedsit US$55, 2 bed apartment US$80 per night--2 bed apartment, Scotts Head, from US$70.00 per night-
most of the above offer attractive discounts for extended stays. Click on image for rates, details

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