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Where to Stay
in Roseau

Fort Young Hotel
Sutton Place Hotel
Garraway Hotel
Eve Green Apartment
Symesze Guesthouse
Saint James' Guesthouse

Where to Stay
around Roseau

Anchorage Hotel (+Dive Centre)
Castle Comfort Lodge
(Dive Dominica)
Hummingbird Inn
Itassi Cottages
Reigate Hall
Wesleeann Apartel

Where to Stay
Roseau Valley 
& Laudat

Cocoa Cottage
Fallsview Guesthouse
Roseau Valley Hotel
Roxy's Mountain Lodge
Symeszee Villas

Where to Stay
in the south

Deaux La Mers
Gallette Cottage
(N I Dive)
Herche's Place
Petit Coulibri

 Where to Stay
in the interior

Floral Gardens
Hibiscus Valley Inn
Layou River Hotel
Layou Valley Inn
Rainbow Village
Springfield Plantation
Vena's Paradise
3 Rivers Resort (building in progress at Newfoundland - anticipated completion early 2003)

Where to Stay
along the 
north & mid 
west coast
(north to south)

Sister's Sea Lodge
Picard Beach Cottages
Anse-A-Liane Lodge
(+Dive Centre)
Lauro Club
3 bed house
3 bed house
Morning Bird Apartments

Where to Stay along the 
north facing north east coast
(west to east)

Blenheim Estate
Windblow Estate
Calibishie Lodges
Red Rock Haven
Windswept Guesthouse

Where to Stay along the east coast

Belle Vista Cottage, 
Castle Bruce
Beau Rive
(soon to be completed north of Castle Bruce)
White River Resort
(soon to be completed south of Delices)

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All accommodation rates quoted by Nature Island Destinations Ltd. are 
in US$ and include 5% Gov't tax and any service charge (typically 10%).

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Please note: this website is currently under reconstruction. Links have or will be provided to pages containing basic details and rates for all accommodation listed on the left of this page. In the meantime, you may contact us direct for details and rates of any of the venues listed but not yet displayed, and to make your advance booking.

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